Reinventing interiors: A digital transformation

In an exciting marketplace we must not underestimate the creative and commercial impact that the evolution of digital print technology will force on the interiors industry. The interiors industry worldwide crosses so many market sectors, and each has its own unique technical specifications to achieve. For a creative in a specialist marketplace understanding how best to utilise digital print is an essential learning curve. Any interior – be it residential or contract – is a complex design, incorporating many co-ordinated components. Each element has a key place in the finished scheme and must be delivered fit for purpose, fulfilling the technical, functional and visual needs of the designer’s scheme. And so, how do we, as creatives, address the digital opportunities that we have at our fingertips? The creative freedom offered by digital print is infinite. For the interior designer now gifted with an exciting new set of tools the product possibilities are endless; the only limit is the designer’s talent and access to print technology. Using her own award winning collections, Debbie will give an exclusive insight into a designer’s digital workflow.