Creating the right ambience: Room acoustics and aesthetics

In any room we want to create an ambiance through interior design, light, air, colour… Room acoustics takes an important part in creating the right ambiance but is often forgotten or handled badly. Comfort includes good room acoustics! A good room acoustics nowadays can be achieved in adding materials which fit in the interior design. Absorbers can be neutral and blended in without noticing or can be part of the design itself. They even can be combined with real art work. What is room acoustics? It is the behaviour of sound in a particular room. Depending on the use of the room, you may change the acoustics accordingly. A theater, a classroom, a meeting room, a restaurant or an open space office; every room needs a particular set of acoustic figures to meet its purpose well. These figures can be pre-calculated at drawings and discussed with a designer and/or can be measured at site. A few handiness can be given by thinking of an ABCD: Absorb - Block - Cover - Diffuse.