Forteam Kommunikation

Storytelling for interiors with large format printing. Experience the transformation of a restaurant

Mission: Give an out of style restaurant at the Düsseldorf fairgrounds new sparkle and shine. Challenge: No expensive renovation, no moving or change of furniture, no carpet change, short downtime and a concept that works for trade fair visitors from all over the world. Concept and implementation: Transformation of the room with digital large format prints and a visual style based on the road cruisers of Cuba – cars known and loved around the world. By means of royalty free stock pictures, digitally printed on different foil materials, the restaurant quickly changed to a Havana-style bar. The old carpet and furniture go well with the new design. Result: Today, “Bar No. 15” is a real crowd-pleaser with true feel-good character and one of the top-selling restaurants on the fairgrounds.